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10636 Shelton Road, Collierville, Tn. 38017

    Fax 901-850-7877



     We provide Memphis affordable, convenient, gravel . Our Construction gravel and related services are supported by a technologically advanced gravel delivery Center. Our Landfill and Recycling Center provide economical support all your gravel needs.

     We provide the Memphis Construction Industry with gravel. We can provide gravel when it is needed.

     We provide Construction gravel to Memphis. We also place our gravel on site at other locations - serving Shelby County, Tennessee, and parts of DeSoto County, Mississippi, and Fayette County, Tennessee.

     If you need gravel and live in the Memphis area, call us today.  



Hours of Operation

  Monday - Friday:  7:30am to 5:00pm  
  Saturday:              8:00am to 2:00pm  
  Sunday:                 Closed  




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